A New Identity

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WEEK 3: MARCH 13-19

Resurrected, So What?

The Resurrection of Christ is not only good news at the end of the story, it is the power to raise us to life now. Paul describes this power in Colossians 3 by talking about the transformation of who we are. We are crucified with Christ and raised to life, and this truth should radically form how we live right now. Our personal life, our family, our jobs, and even our free time should all reflect the reality that we now have an identity formed not of this world, but in Christ. Consider this truth and Colossians 3 as you prayerfully work through this week’s devotionals.


A New Identity
By Chris Slaughter

I remember sitting in the pews of a large church as child, hearing about the sacrifice Jesus made and how it would one day join us with our Creator when our earthly existence drew to an end. And while I long for the day when I will know nothing but to be in the unending presence of God, to ignore the impact of the resurrection on our daily lives is to discount the cost of the cross. We have been given a new beginning, not one to claim in the distant future, but one that is ours to cling to right here and now.

When my daughter started chemo at six years old, the first place I turned was the innate human response of sorrow, pain, and frustration. Yet as I searched scripture and fervently prayed for guidance, I was reminded again and again that Christians have been clothed in joy, peace, and wisdom because of Christ’s resurrection. No matter what the circumstance, no matter what the struggle, we are offered the ability to transcend our earthly struggles and continually be made new through him.

One of the most liberating moments of a daily acceptance of the resurrection is the humility it requires. To truly embrace all that God offers me as a follower of Christ, my own desires, preferences, and instincts must be set aside if I am to approach His calling with open arms. It is in the moments when I am least able to rely on my own abilities that I am most amazed by all that God can accomplish in my life.

We read in verse 3:23, “whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as for the Lord and not for man.” When we lack the energy to finish the tasks before us every day, remember that we aren’t acting out of self-interest or even to please those around us, we are living our lives in service to the Lord.

As you reflect on the significance of the resurrection in your own life, embrace the beauty of his life-changing gift in all that you do. Every moment of every day offers the choice between the “anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language” of our old self or the “compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience” of our new identity in Christ. I pray that we may all accept the full measure of blessings He has in store for us and that we allow Him to continually renew our spirits and let His peace rule in our hearts.

What areas of self-reliance have you had to release?

How have you experienced a new identity in Christ? What changed?


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