Adult Classes and Groups

Discipleship Bands

A discipleship band is a same gendered group of three to five people who read together, pray together, and meet together to become the love of God for one another and the world.

Sunday School Classes

We offer a variety of Adult Sunday School classes. Whether you’re a young adult or a senior adult, there are classes for every age group. If you would like a more detailed list of all of our classes, please email Rev. Jeremy Bass. We hope you’ll join us this Sunday!


10:45am | E200

This class meets at 10:45am in E200.

Apostles Class

9:45am | E201  

For adults ages 55+, the class focuses on Biblically-based and faith-strengthening studies that relate to daily living. The teachers primarily utilize a combination of lecture and open discussion that serves to encourage class participation and involvement. The Apostles Class supports and is involved in a number of local and international missions. Throughout the year, they enjoy a variety of social activities in an effort to enhance the class fellowship. Learn more about our Apostles class.

Disciples Class

9:30 am | E202  

Adults ages 40’s to 60’s. Class members take turns leading class discussions. Fellowship activities occur throughout the year. Many missions projects are supported by this class. One of the hallmarks of this class is their caring, nurturing community.

Joy Class


This class meets at 8:15am in E207.

The Harvest Class

9:30am | K104 

The Harvest Sunday school class is for college age and young adults who are looking for Christ-centered friendships rooted in the truth of scripture.

New Life Class

All ages are welcome! This class aims to encounter the power of the Holy Spirit, not just on Sunday but every day of the week. We will center reading and discussion around the Scripture and testimony & prayer time. Our hope is that many will experience God’s powerful movements, and we want to pray over them! As a result, we are hoping that “we would bear much fruit and prove to be His disciples” John 15:8. 

The Journey Class


This is an open-based discussion group for all ages. During this transformational class, we grow closer to God through conversations about our faith including our spiritual struggles and strengths. 

Events for Adults

GRACE Bible Study

The Table

Wednesday nights | 5:00-6:00pm | G-Building

The Table is off until Fall 2022.  Please check back when school starts for more details!

Join us Wednesday nights for The Table! We offer an affordable dinner for the whole family followed by children’s bible study, youth bible study in the Loft, and a variety of adult studies.


Healing and Prayer Service

The second Sunday of the month | 6:00-7:30pm | the Vine Space

Are you or someone you know hurting? It doesn’t matter if the hurt is physical or emotional. God wants to be with us on the journey to help heal from all types of hurt. Our Healing & Prayer Service is a special night on the second Sunday of each month that offers praise and worship, a lesson about healing, intercessory prayer, and guided prayer. 

GRACE Bible Study

Interested in visiting a class? We’ll help you get connected!

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