The Best Birthday Card!

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Christmas is always a time of gift giving, but for some of us it is a time for DOUBLE gift giving! You see, my wife Cara’s birthday is two days after Christmas. For twenty four years, I have struggled to get the right gift for both special days. More than once, I have almost forgotten the birthday present in the craziness of the shopping. What is worse is that it’s my responsibility to get the kids to remember to honor mom on her special day as well.

One year she received the greatest birthday card. I wish we had kept it because I have never seen another like it. On the cover it said something like,

“No one ever remembers my Birthday! It is always swallowed up by Christmas!

Christmas songs, and gifts, and parties, and tinsel, and wrapping, etc. 

It is almost as if my Birthday doesn’t even MATTER!”

And inside, was a simple picture of Jesus saying,

“I understand. It happens to me too!”


May your parties and presents, tinsel and fun, be swallowed up by the awareness that we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Merry Christ-mas to you,

Pastor Kenn


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