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Prayer as Evangelism

“No one comes to me, unless the Father who sent me draws them.” - John 6:44 I like to think of myself as one in the driver seat. I like to plan, lead, and do. It is my natural tendency to loan wolf it and just get it done. This works great when the task...

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Proclamation as Evangelism

Call to Proclaim Jesus Risen Nothing better to do than to save souls (see last weeks devotional for context)! In the church we call this evangelism, but this word is never used in scripture, it is a derivative of a biblical concept from the Greek word euangelion,...

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Nothing Better To Do

Dorm room life was the greatest. You were thrown into a community of unfamiliar people, and told to experience a similar life event together... COLLEGE. It was a season with an unfathomable and unhinged level of freedom (for better or worse) and time... like...

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