We are delighted to have you join us for this special occasion as we come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and embrace the spirit of love, hope, and joy.

Our Christmas Eve services at Kingwood Methodist Church are designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for all attendees. We aim to provide a meaningful and reflective experience, filled with beautiful music, scripture readings, and a message of God’s love and grace.










Advent Workshop

Sunday, December 3rd | 5:00-7:00pm

Fun for all ages! Meet in the Sanctuary for a Christmas story with balloons followed by crafts, cookie decorating, and pizza for $1 a slice. Our mission room will also be open for families to serve together.

Blue Christmas: Healing and Prayer Service

Christmas can be challenging for many of us, especially if we’ve lost loved ones. Jesus is the one who “heals the brokenhearted.” Our “blue Christmas” healing and prayer service is specifically designed for those who need that healing touch of Jesus in our hearts.

Christmas in the Light

This service is for people who prefer to be out during the light hours or for those who may be traveling during Christmas Eve. Special Christmas music, message from the Bible, Carols and Holy Communion will be provided at this service.


Sunday, December 24th

*These services that will be live streamed at


Sunday, December 24th

11:00am | the Vine Space
This service is geared toward young kids/families and will last about 20 minutes. Immediately following the service, there will be a birthday party for Jesus in the Vine Space. There will be a singing of Christmas songs, a family will light the advent candle, and a telling of the Christmas story.


Sunday, December 24th

5:00pm | Family-Oriented service | the Sanctuary
This light-hearted service in the sanctuary will keep children of all ages wide-eyed with the wonder of Christmas. Familiar carols and candle lighting will be a part of the service.

7:00pm* | Traditional Service | the Sanctuary
With our Chancel Choir and instruments leading the service, worshippers will experience traditional carols of the season, recognizing the gift of Christ which God gave to the world. Holy Communion will be served. Service will be live-streamed on our website, Facebook, and Youtube Channel

11:00pm | Traditional Lessons and Carols | the Sanctuary
With the musical leadership of our Men’s Ensemble, we will share the Christmas story through the reading of scriptures and the singing of familiar carols. This service will include Holy Communion as we welcome Christmas morning together.


Sunday, December 24th

Join the Vine Band as they fill the Vine Space with fresh sounds and the good news of Christmas. Holy Communion and candle lighting will be included in the service.

3:00pm* | the Vine Space
Service will be live-streamed on our website, Facebook, and Youtube Channel.

5:00pm | the Vine Space


Sunday, January 1st

Please note there will be no Sunday School. Communion will be offered at both services.

9:30am* | Traditional | the Sanctuary
Service will be live-streamed on our website, Facebook, and Youtube Channel

11:00am* | Vine (Contemporary) Worship | the Vine Space
Service will be live-streamed on our website, Facebook, and Youtube Channel

get your questions answered!

Whether you’ve never been to church or haven’t been in a church service in a while, we want to help you know what to expect before you come.

Some of the most common questions and their answers are provided here but if you have another one contact us before your visit!

What Can I Expect?

Here’s what you can expect at our Christmas Eve Services:

  1. Candlelight Services: As the evening unfolds, we will have candlelight services, where each participant is given a candle to symbolize the light of Christ, illuminating our lives and guiding us on our spiritual journey.
  2. Uplifting Worship: Our talented choir and musicians will lead us in uplifting Christmas carols and worship songs, inviting everyone to participate and celebrate the joyous occasion together.
  3. Inspirational Message: Our pastor will deliver a heartfelt and inspiring message centered around the true meaning of Christmas and the significance of Jesus’ birth in our lives.
  4. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Our services are family-friendly, and children are more than welcome to be a part of the celebration. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can feel the love and warmth of the Christmas season.
  5. Fellowship: Christmas is a time of togetherness, and our services provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other members of the community and build lasting friendships.
Where is Kingwood Methodist?
Our Location

Our address is 1799 Woodland Hills Dr., Kingwood, TX.

What should I wear?

You’ll find a mix of everything when you visit! We want you to feel comfortable so whether that means dressing casual or dressing up, your presence means more to us than your attire.

How can I give a tithe or offering?

We are so grateful for your generous heart! Kingwood Methodist is able to impact our city and our world through your generous gifts. To give online today, simply head to our Online Giving page.

Have other questions? Email us!