Crossing the River

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WEEK 3: MARCH 13-19

Resurrected, So What?

The Resurrection of Christ is not only good news at the end of the story, it is the power to raise us to life now. Paul describes this power in Colossians 3 by talking about the transformation of who we are. We are crucified with Christ and raised to life, and this truth should radically form how we live right now. Our personal life, our family, our jobs, and even our free time should all reflect the reality that we now have an identity formed not of this world, but in Christ. Consider this truth and Colossians 3 as you prayerfully work through this week’s devotionals.


Crossing the River
By Randee Dosser – Student

The summer after my freshman year, I did a wilderness trip where I had to confront many different uncomfortable situations such as crossing a river. I didn’t have very much experience in doing something like that so it brought me to a state of fear. It was freezing rushing water and all my gear could have gotten lost or held me down. I had no other choice or way around the river so I had to face my fear and cross the river, but I was only able to cross this river because my team was there and helped me!

Later that year, when I got back from this trip, I met with Clint the KUMC youth pastor. We met for coffee and I told him about the trip and how cool it was and what I had learned from it. Clint asked me a series of “Clint questions” one of which was something along the lines of what was the hardest thing you overcame while out in the wilderness? So I told him about the river crossing story and he connected that to real life situation. I have metaphorical rivers all the time right here in Kingwood! I have been one who struggles with obedience, with adult figures in my life, and trying to find who I really was rather than trying to be who everyone around me was.

Clint kept in contact with me asking if I was crossing the river, which for me was pushing through the hard and scary things. In that time, what that looked like for me was being obedient to adults and being the same person everywhere I walked whether or not it was scary and uncomfortable. I knew I had someone who was there to keep me accountable, which made it a lot easier to make that decision each and every time I felt the need to act a certain way so people would think I was funny or whatever the case may be. We as a body of Christ have to be there for each other and help each other through the times we struggle. A simple text message from Clint here and there asking if I have been crossing the river kept it in my head.

We all have our own struggles, so I encourage you to find someone that will keep you accountable to overcoming your struggles and loving Christ the way he loves us!

Do you have friendships in your life that challenge you in your faith journey? How do they encourage you?

Randee found the need for transparency and vulnerability so that everyone could see what Christ has done in her life…why do we chose to wear masks sometimes? What areas of your life do you wear a mask?


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