Day 1 – A Stove Building Community Comes Together

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by Gladden Lawrence

The notion of being led or dependent on the Holy Spirit to do one thing or another was always confused. Was I actually being led, or did I convince myself that it was my idea; the Holy Spirit was just there to consult on what I wanted to do anyway. I never stopped to listen. Self always seemed to get in the way of what God wanted to show me about myself.

God put participation in the Stove Builders ministry on my heart over a year ago. I wanted to go, but was it me or was I being led by the Holy Spirit.

I got my answer Saturday morning as my long time missionary buddy Rick Smith and I waited for 16 other members traveling from 4 states to meet up near Gate 17 Terminal E at Bush Intercontinental airport. Some were farmers from Kansas, some retired or about to retire from Indiana, and a majority of first, second, and third timers from Kansas. We were all from different backgrounds, but we joined together as one with a shared mission on this day.

Other missionaries were on the same flight. Some were drilling water wells, some were headed to other parts of Guatemala to work in a medical clinic, but all were temporarily gathering together under one banner of serving our Lord in whatever capacity needed.

We had a great day getting to know each other; traveling from Guatemala City to a place in the Western Highlands known as ‘ChiChi’. The bus ride was long and bumpy, with many hairpin turns and unending traffic. We fellowshipped at dinner, met to review the week’s schedule, and shared the first day’s devotional from John 14:26; dependence on the Holy Sprit and committing to acknowledge God’s presence in our daily lives; especially during this week of working with the people of Guatemala.

I’m all in….


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