Three Stove Builders Arrive; Our Community is Complete

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by Gladden Lawrence

 Day 2 in ChiChi — Today was scheduled as a time to reflect and prepare for what lies ahead next week as we travel into the mountain villages of central Guatemala to begin building stoves. This day of worship and reflection (along with the rest of the ChiChi community) consisted of walking down narrow, crammed rows of booths looking for local works of art to be future memories of our trip to the region.

Our free day also gave us a chance to explore the streets of ChiChi together to learn about the local culture (a cemetery walk) and learn more about each other. These trips always seem to beg the question of how would such a diverse group learn to work together in ‘community’. Galatians 5:13 gave me the answer; “For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters only not to use your freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love, serve one another.”

Today we were building relationships before building stoves. We prayed each of us would grab hold of the moments God chooses to reveal himself to us through the lives of others. We prayed together that in whatever way Jesus decides to shine his light in our lives that we would be a reflection of that source of light.

Tonight’s share time was marked by the arrival of our 3 trained stove builders who would be working with us this week. Pedro, Angel, and Diego each shared (In Spanish with accompanying translation) what stove building means to them. One was thankful to God for giving him the ability to build stoves; another shared the joy to build a stove for a family he didn’t know; another was happy to take part in this project; considering each us all part of something special.

On this Sunday, our share time revealed to me this newly formed community of believers and volunteers have come together to serve the people of Guatemala in love.

When have you been a part of a group where you felt like God was doing something special?

How can we continue to experience God building us together at home everyday? 


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