Discipleship Band Groups

Discipleship Bands

A discipleship band is a group of three to five people who read together, pray together, and meet together to become the love of God for one another and the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Discipleship Bands?

We are called to pursue after God together. Being in a discipleship band gives space to the Holy Spirit to bring about deep transformation through deep relationship with one another. By meeting in these smaller groups of the same gender, it allows people to talk about the real issues going on in their walk with Christ.

What do Discipleship Bands do?

A discipleship band is neither a traditional small group nor a typical accountability group. The main focus is on the real issues that we as Christians face each day. These groups work best when you bring the real “you,” not the person so often hidden behind a mask.

We read together. We pray together. We meet together. We have deep relationships and honesty with one another. The goal of these groups is that we might pursue after the promise of Scripture to be “filled to the measure of all the fullness of God” (Eph. 3:19).

What happens in a Discipleship Band meeting?

The weekly band meeting is simple in structure and format. Budget for twenty minutes per person in the band. Some small talk and group banter is fine, but the band must reckon with and respect the time allotment.

The questions asked during a meeting are:

1. How is it with your soul?

2. What are your struggles and successes?

3. How might the Spirit and Scriptures be speaking in your life?

4. Do you have any sin that you want to confess?

5. Are there any secrets or hidden things you would like to share?

How do I decide who to band with?

Your band may include people you have known for years, or it may be people you have only known for a short time. Both types of groups can be successful because they each require establishing a new type of relationship.

At the most basic level, band members have encouragement, love, and grace for one another’s present state, while also believing in one another to pursue after the Lord.

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