God is in My Heart

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WEEK 5: MARCH 27-April 2

Raised for a Voice

Jesus brings great intentionality to his interactions with children throughout the gospels. This week we turn to the Resurrection of a young girl and reflect on the ways that Jesus gives voice to the young children. We are reminded that Christ has raised us all to have a voice and a part in the Kingdom and that includes the precious children of our own community. Spend some time reading through this Resurrection story and prepare to be encouraged from some of our own children, parents, and teachers.

God is in My Heart
By Leah Elliot – 2nd Grader

God is everything and is everywhere!
God knows my heart and loves me with all His might.
God helps me when I’m scared. I can pray to Him when I have a bad dream.
God makes me feel better.

God answers my prayers.
One time when I lost my writing journal, I prayed to God that He would help me find it.
The very next morning, I found my writing journal in my brother’s room.
God answered my prayer so fast!

God makes me strong because He always helps me.
God makes me brave.
When I fall down, He helps me get back up and try again.

God is in my heart!

Leah’s words read like a psalm, a prayer of joy and thanksgiving: What would your psalm be today?


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