Hope is Bigger than Circumstances

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WEEK 4: MARCH 20-26

Raised for Hope

Jesus seems to have arrived too late to help his friend Lazarus and the despair of the witnesses is palpable in this story from the Gospel of John. In a state of hopelessness, Jesus brings the hope of Resurrection, the hope of eternal life, of that which can never be taken away. How does the hope of Resurrection encourage you? This week hear from some of our members who have found hope that surpasses illness, difficult circumstances, and hope that drastically changes who we are as Christians.

Hope is Bigger than Circumstances
By Cynthia Mudd

Recently my husband James was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Even though he is still very healthy and strong and has a great attitude, we know the freight train is coming. But I have been blessed with a faith and community that gives me complete peace and acceptance about his condition, and hope for a good future no matter his physical condition. I know that I will be surrounded by friends and God’s grace when the tough times arise. My hope this Lenten season is that God will use James’ condition to draw him closer to Himself. I can see this happening already. While James is not yet a member of our church, he has been most supportive and generous of my involvement. He sees and knows the joy and meaning that KUMC has been to me for the past 10 plus years. I have hope that what he sees in our KUMC community will encourage him to a stronger faith journey.

Hope is a true reality to us and in it we are confident that we can face every tomorrow, whatever it may bring. Because of hope, we wake up each morning ready to start a new day with vigor and commitment to our roles. Because of hope we have treasured friends who are encouraging James to faith. KUMC has been a safety net for me, a harbinger of hope, and a lighthouse when my soul is weary.

This season is an opportunity for myself and all of us to respond with generosity to all that God is doing through KUMC. It is important for me to give my time and finances to the church because I believe God is expanding the kingdom through what we are doing here. God has given to us generously and I pray that I might respond in like manner.

Who do you have in your life that you are praying for a breakthrough?

What gives you hope when life gets tough?

How do you find hope in our church?


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