Jesus Entered My Life for a Purpose

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WEEK 2: MARCH 6-12

God Has Come for His People

Luke 7:11-17 captures another Resurrection story for our focus this week. When Jesus raises people from the dead, sometimes we can miss some of the nuance from the story. It makes sense, though, what else is there to talk about? Jesus just told a dead person to not be dead anymore. However, look closer in this text; the response from the people after watching this resurrection is to acknowledge that surely “God has come for His people.” Yes, God has come for us and I am sure we all have unique experiences of that truth. As you are encouraged by this week’s devotionals, be thinking about Luke 7 and how this story challenges you!


Jesus Entered My Life for a Purpose
By Royce Carrigan – Student

As a senior in high school you often come to the realization that everything you’ve known for the past 18 years is going to change. Most students often feel left in a sort of limbo; they’ve gotten all they can get from where they are. Still, they aren’t able to leave and head to the next stage. They know where their next step is and often are just waiting, they don’t feel a purpose.

This is a place I am at now; everyone around me is either waiting for graduation or a letter from college and struggling to find purpose. Where I find courage, even in a transitional time of my life, is the fact that Christ loves me and He has a plan for me. That is beautiful. Also, I love that Christ is using me to impact the lives of others.

Another thing from high school is the realization that you will leave those that have grown with you throughout your life. I will leave my family to live on my own, and I will leave every person I know to attend a school with over 40,000 students that are in the same situation. This is all daunting and new to all of us in the same situation. However, God chose to seek me out. The funny thing is this is a time when I feel like I am seeking to spend time with everyone around me and simultaneously no one is seeking me… except God. Jesus is the very act of God coming into the world for all of us. So for a student or young person who feels alone… know that Christ is on a mission for you too.

As I attended the Unite youth retreat I had never really experienced the desire God has for us. That changed as I listened and remembered times when God pulled me back or carried me through some difficulty. He doesn’t always work through crazy miracles or signs; sometimes God works through those around you, he works through little things in your day.

I remembered a time specifically where I was at worship team rehearsal, we were rehearsing “You’re a Good, Good Father”. We chose to repeat the bridge three times that day, adding another voice each time. I often used music and song to express my emotion, and I had never done so in a Christian band. But I was overcome by the feeling that this is where I was meant to be, that this is where God wanted me to be. I was overcome by a feeling of immense joy. I felt like I had a place to be and had found a place to worship and express myself like I never had before.

How have you experienced God pursuing you?

Where do you find purpose?

How does the idea that God has saved us for a purpose, change things in your life?


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