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Week 7 – Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
If I told you there was one word that most clearly defines the purpose of Holy Week, what would you guess? Many would probably say “Love” but I would challenge that “Love” is the motivation behind the purpose of this week. 

By the lead verse you can probably guess it is peace… but not as the world understands peace. Not as the Israelites define peace as Jesus rides in on the colt and cries for freedom from a tyrannical dictator. 

When Jesus flips the tables, he is stirring up chaos, boldly speaking out against the religious hierarchy built up to oppress and subdue the outsiders. He calls them a “den of robbers” and is calling them back to a temple of purity and a realignment of their call to be a light to the nations.

As Jesus heals the ear of his capture cut off by the disciples, he says “No more of this!” Jesus will establish peace in his own way, always pushing back against the patterns and the systems of the world

All of this culminates when he peacefully submits to the worldly authorities so that he can claim peace in the heavens. He dies a criminals death by the hands of a warring populous to establish the ultimate peace. A path to Shaloam, reconciliation to the heart of the father. 

A justification for their sin so that their sins might be atoned for and man might be in communion with the divine God once again.

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.”– Martin Luther King Jr.
Those citizens of the Kingdom of heaven are to mirror that heart and passion. Not a spirit of avoidance, but of justice, of wholeness, of holiness. 

We are advocates, ambassadors, catalysts, we are called to be peace makers. Not war in a guns and bombs sense, but in an “anti-shalom” sense; what worldly patterns, behaviors, or systems are causing war? 

How might God be calling you to step up and lean in the Spirit’s Power to help you make peace in our community, in our world, or maybe in your family?
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