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Week 5 – Matthew 5:7
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

Does the mercy of God depend on our ability to extend mercy to others? That doesn’t seem right. Does that align with the whole saved by grace through faith thing? 

As a characteristic of a citizen of the kingdom of heaven; mercy is essential, not as a prerequisite for received mercy, but as a response to initial mercy as the prerequisite to final mercy. 

See the parable of the unmerciful servant later in the Gospel of Matthew for reference, Matthew 18:21-35.

In fact, Wesley viewed mercy and grace in 3 parts.  The first is Prevenient Grace; a mercy over all of mankind that God would restore our original sin and pursue us with loving kindness. Second, his Justifying Grace; that Jesus went to the cross to cover our sin and give all mankind the opportunity to receive forgiveness. 

Once we receive that forgiveness, we are reborn and given the ministry of reconciliation or third, Sanctifying Grace; an extension of that grace and mercy to the world.

Since we have received the first and second grace, how can we not extend the third? If we fail to be merciful to those around us, do we truly understand the gravity of the grace first received?

“Mercy is not simply the act of withholding deserved punishment; it is also the active showing of favor, kindness, and love to those who deserve the opposite.” – Randy Alcorn

This my friends is a call to the citizens of the kingdom of heaven to reflect the very mercy, loving kindness, and forgiveness that we once received. 
Reflection Questions: How do you practice mercy in your daily interactions with others?

In what ways have you experienced God’s mercy in your own life?

Who are you being called to extend mercy to, even though they may deserve the opposite?
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