Rev. Clint Wyllie - March 24, 2024

Kingdom Expectations (Mark 11:1-11)

This Palm Sunday story is chock-full of contextual Easter eggs. As we explore the significance of Mark’s account, we are called to lean into the weight of the expectation that we put on Jesus. Have we made Jesus too small? What exactly is Jesus here to do? Is he a Painkiller, Savior, or King?

From Series: "On Earth as in Heaven"

Embark on a transformative Lenten journey with our sermon series, "On Earth as in Heaven." Throughout this sacred season, we will explore the profound connections between our earthly existence and the divine realm, seeking to align our lives with the principles of God's kingdom. Each week, we will delve into biblical teachings, parables, and spiritual practices that guide us in bringing the heavenly realities into our daily lives. May our Lenten exploration inspire a transformation that resonates with the prayer, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

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