Anapaula Martinez - February 25, 2024

Reconciliation (2 Cor 5:17-21, Col 1:19-22)

As Scripture tells us, we have been entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation and we now are ambassadors of Christ, but what does that mean for our students who go to a school where not everyone is reconciled with Christ? What does that mean for adults in their families or in the workplace? We were created to be in perfect unity and friendship with the Lord, but sin has created a division, so now only through Christ are we able to be reconciled to God. What are we to do? We help non-believers be reconciled to God and believers to be reconciled to one another, not by serving as mediators when two people argue but by making sure our lives are an ongoing example of Jesús’ grace, by letting our actions and words reflect the goodness of the Lord, by letting our lives be worship to Him. Hear our testimonies from Sarah Smith, a freshman in KHS and active member in the youth ministry, and Kimberly Watson, wife, mother of 4, and active member of KMC.

From Series: "On Earth as in Heaven"

Embark on a transformative Lenten journey with our sermon series, "On Earth as in Heaven." Throughout this sacred season, we will explore the profound connections between our earthly existence and the divine realm, seeking to align our lives with the principles of God's kingdom. Each week, we will delve into biblical teachings, parables, and spiritual practices that guide us in bringing the heavenly realities into our daily lives. May our Lenten exploration inspire a transformation that resonates with the prayer, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

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