Never Alone

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WEEK 5: MARCH 27-April 2

Raised for a Voice

Jesus brings great intentionality to his interactions with children throughout the gospels. This week we turn to the Resurrection of a young girl and reflect on the ways that Jesus gives voice to the young children. We are reminded that Christ has raised us all to have a voice and a part in the Kingdom and that includes the precious children of our own community. Spend some time reading through this Resurrection story and prepare to be encouraged from some of our own children, parents, and teachers.

Never Alone
By Taylor Hendrick – Student

Read Mark 5:21-24; 35-43.
God means so much to me in so many ways. He is always there for you when you cannot talk to anyone else which helps ease all the stress associated with school. I see Him in so many ways throughout the school day which gives me joy and hope to push through the day no matter how hard it has been. This presence gives me strength and comfort knowing that someone will always be there to help me through the rough times. I reflect upon this presence every day which I believe changes how I act. As I walk through school and life recognizing His presence with open arms, my faith shines in every area I walk. God is my whole world and without His presence in my life all I would feel is empty. He has been able to fill so many holes with joy, hope, and faith that it provides me strength throughout the day. Whenever it feels like you are stuck in a hole, He will always be there for you. He means so much to me in different ways that it is so hard to explain it in words. Ever since He became a part in my life, no matter where I go He has always been there. He always will.

How do you feel the presence of God each day?

Taylor was raised by Christ to be a voice in his school, how do you reflect Christ to others?


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