Nothing Better To Do

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Dorm room life was the greatest. You were thrown into a community of unfamiliar people, and told to experience a similar life event together… COLLEGE. It was a season with an unfathomable and unhinged level of freedom (for better or worse) and time… like sooo much free time. There was never a shortage of things to do. The moment you got bored, someone was popping their head into your open door offering a taco bell run. To which the only logical response… “Sure, I got nothing better to do,” as you load 10 humans into a Toyota Corolla and off you go (disclaimer, this is not a good idea… for multiple reasons).

“Nothing better to do.” A curious phrase that implies that given the current options, there is one that has the greatest value to me. It does not mean that there are no other good things to do, but simply that this option is of the greatest worth. What about for us, the body of Christ? What can we genuinely declare that there is “Nothing better to do than ________.” In a world of a million good things, what is the one thing that rises to the top?

John Wesley, when addressing a bunch of Methodist preachers answers this very question:

“You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore, spend and be spent in this work.”

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be looking at our call to evangelism in its many forms. I would contest that this quote is not simply about pulpit proclamation, but has nuanced layers woven into the practical ministry of John Wesley, is displayed in the stories of the first century Easter people, and projects into our stories today.

I would presume that as we dive in, and look at this quote next to our lives, and our lives next to eternity, I think… probably… we will that we have “nothing better to do.”

Take a moment to evaluate your world and ask yourself, where am I engaged in soul saving work?

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