Proclamation as Evangelism

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Call to Proclaim Jesus Risen

Nothing better to do than to save souls (see last weeks devotional for context)! In the church we call this evangelism, but this word is never used in scripture, it is a derivative of a biblical concept from the Greek word euangelion, which is translated as the Gospel or good news. Check out this short word study video by the Bible Project.

Good News… if you turned on the news, or got a call from a friend, what could they tell you that you might respond, “wow, that’s good news.”? Chances are, the precursor was negative, because good news is just news if there is not an initial concern, a diagnosis, a crisis, a fear, a worry. 

Jesus said that he came to proclaim Good News to the poor…freedom to the prisoners… to set the oppressed free (Luke 4:18). That means that he came to move us from one place to another: from brokenness to wholeness, from apathy to joy, from bondage to freedom. If you are like most Christians, you struggle with the practical application of the call to evangelism. That is for preachers in a tent or street corner track distributers, or bike riding door knockers… but surely not me. Maybe it begins by reframing our definition. Let’s start with today! How has Jesus changed your “today”? Now who needs to hear that?

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