Reciprocal Pursuit

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New Year, New You! This is the time of year when we get real optimistic about what life could be like… if I was 20 lbs lighter, or more well read, more of this or less of that. 

Optimism is a beautiful thing. It’s invigorating; the problem is in the pursuit. I am an idea guy not an implementation guy. Put me with a pursuer and we are a killer team. An idea without pursuit is, well… James calls it self-deception. Read James 1:22-25

When we hear the word and do not respond, we miss the blessing. 

When the Shepherds in the field heard of God’s reckless pursuit from the mouths of Angels, they left their sheep behind; kind of reckless if I do say so myself, and did it. Not just the idea of doing it, but they really did it

When the wisemen saw the sign in the stars that the Messiah king would be born, they did not stop at the idea of pursuing Jesus, they did it! 

When you and I are called to pursue Jesus, it’s less physical but far more practical. 

As you begin your day, start in the Word, seek Jesus. As the Spirit impresses wisdom on your heart and conviction in your soul, don’t just say “ouch,” but pursue righteousness through practical obedience

I don’t know about you, but for any of my ideas to move to implementation, I need accountability. I need to do it with someone. On the days I don’t feel it, I need someone else to hold me to it. 

There is a reason why there were 3 wisemen and multiple shepherds in the field, because we pursue together.

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