Kingwood Methodist Church

Safe Sanctuary

We appreciate your willingness to work with KMC’s children and student ministries. Using the links below, please complete each of the following steps to apply for Safe Sanctuaries certification:

  1. Download and read KMC’s Safe Sanctuaries Policy manual
  2. Take the online Safe Sanctuaries Policy Test below (open book). The test can be completed in less than 15 minutes.
  3. Once these are complete, you will receive an email from Sabina Pagano with a link to complete your background check application.

You will be notified by e-mail about the results of your Safe Sanctuaries certification application. Applying for certification can also be done on paper at the Church Office.


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Agradecemos su voluntad de trabajar con los ministerios KMC. El uso de los enlaces de abajo, por favor completar cada uno de los siguientes pasos para solicitar la certificación Safe Santuarios:

  1. Descargue y lea el manual de seguridad Política de Santuarios de KMC
  2. Tomar el Examen de Políticas Santuarios Segura (libro abierto) en línea. La prueba se puede completar en menos de 15 minutos.
  3. Una vez que estos estén completos, recibirá un correo electrónico de Sabina Pagano con un enlace para completar su solicitud de verificación de antecedentes.

Se le notificará por correo electrónico acerca de los resultados de su solicitud de certificación de seguridad Santuarios. Solicitud de certificación también se puede hacer en papel en la Oficina de la Iglesia.


Having a child age infant through 4 years old on a worker's lap in order to comfort or affirm is not permitted.

Safe Sanctuaries Certification renewal shall occur how frequently?

Two workers shall be present in any room where Protected Persons are participating.

A single worker is permitted in a room with Protected Persons when...

It is acceptable to close the door to a room where there are Protected Persons participating if there is a window to the hallway that allows observation of activities in the room.

For children 4 years and younger, a positive identity system shall be used to match the child and the person picking them up.

For Protected Persons of 6th through 12th grade, it is okay for a Youth Director to meet alone with a student if...

For overnight, on-campus stays where there are both male and female Protected Persons there must be at least how many male workers and how many female workers?

The ratio of adults to Protected Persons for Overnight On-Campus stays shall be 1:6.

For any event, volunteers of age 17 may not be placed in a position of supervision over Protected Persons.

If a worker has cause to believe that a Protected Person may have been abused or neglected, the worker is required by State law to make a report to State of Texas Child Protective Services.

Appropriate discipline for a preschooler includes, in this order: redirection to another activity, a verbal warning and separation from the source of the disruption, time-out, then locating the parent/guardian and asking them to remove the child for that day or to sit with them for that day.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license may drive Protected Persons to and from off campus events, as long as the two worker rule is observed.

It is acceptable for Third through Fifth graders to be released from Sunday school without being picked up by a parent if...

Filling out the Volunteer or Employment application includes authorization for Release of Information for a criminal records/background check.

Which of the following behaviors are prohibited for workers?

When driving Protected Persons to or from events, a single worker may drive only if multiple vehicles are traveling caravan style.