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Last week, we looked at Acts and the gift of the Holy Spirit that equipped the disciples to begin building Christ’s church as “witnesses to the ends of the earth”.  We too are called to be witnesses in the world, and like the disciples, we are gifted by the Holy Spirit to fulfill a unique role in the body of Christ. You may have completed the spiritual gifts inventory and you have an idea of what your unique spiritual gifts are, but what do they look like in action?

In Romans 12, Paul explains to the Roman church that “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Paul goes on tell the people to use their gifts enthusiastically by giving generously and leading diligently. In recent weeks we have seen example after example of people engaging their gifts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Some people used the gift of hospitality by opening their homes to families whose homes flooded. Community members with the gift of administration helped organize work crews to clean out flooded homes. Counselors and medical professionals illustrate the gift of compassion by continuing to provide physical and psychological care. Extraordinary circumstances illuminate our spiritual gifts, and some of us may have realized a gift we did not recognize in ourselves until we were called into action. So, what do these gifts look like in ordinary, everyday circumstances?

When the Holy Spirit prompts us to act, the experience might be as simple as meeting someone new. An encounter with another person may be the conduit through which our spiritual gift meets our passion and an opportunity to be an example of God’s grace in the world is born. The gift of compassion mixed with an encounter with a little boy looking for a drink of water resulted in the creation of Oasis Foster and Adoptive Ministry. On the blog this week, KUMC member Nanette Lynch tells the story of how God used an encounter with a little boy to stir her compassion for hurting people into a passion for helping foster families. Click on the link at the bottom to read Nanette’s story.

Are you curious about your spiritual gifts and how the Holy Spirit will stir them into action? If you have not taken the spiritual gifts inventory, this link will take you to the inventory where you can learn about your unique gifts. Once you know the gifts God has given you, consider how you are already using those gifts. Are you using them to glorify God? What might your life look like if you use your spiritual gifts every day? Are you ready to unwrap those gifts, trust the Holy Spirit to equip you for action, and fulfill your unique role in the body of Christ?


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