Sent as a Sheep Among Wolves

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Raised to be Sent Out

During our last week in this Lenten devotional we turn to a challenging Resurrection story where we learn that the disciples are sent out and they too are raising people from the dead! Amazingly, that is also our story, that we have been raised to life to now join Christ in bringing light into the darkness. We are being called to participate in RISING UP and bring life into every part of our daily experience. In week 6, you will be challenged by some of our own faithfully answering the call to go out and “raise the dead.” As you read Matthew 10 this week, consider how you are being called to join Christ in His mission.

Sent as a Sheep Among Wolves
By Gladden Lawrence

Read Matthew 10:16 – 20.
The first time I ever visited our missionaries Marlon and Jessica Obando (serving in La Suiza, Costa Rica, 7 miles from Turrialba) all I knew was we were going down there to build stuff. We had tools, the lumber was to be delivered, and we’ll probably attend Church on Saturday night before we left. It was to be a simple U.M. ARMY-like project in the mountains of Costa Rica within view of a gurgling Turrialba volcano. How cool was that?

On Tuesday night we were scheduled to have worship up in the hills with one of Marlon’s cell churches, but there was a snag in logistics and we were relegated to Marlon’s mother’s porch up on the mountain region called Las Nubes (the cloud). Pretty prophetic; it was a cloudy, overcast night, with a gentle misty rain. We all crowded onto sofas, chairs, some stood up, some leaned against each other, one youth sat in a corner reading a Bible. We were all waiting for services to begin.

Marlon began with music and prayer. The worshipers began to dance and sing, with continuous energetic clapping. The language was unfamiliar, but I could feel and understand what he was saying. The energy of the Holy Spirit was present. After the first hour, Marlon and Jessica began to walk through the crowd praying; not collectively, but individually. He and Jessica walked up to each person and prayed as if they were looking into the soul of each man, woman, or child on the porch that evening. As they came closer, I struggled to form a list of what to ask them to pray on my behalf. After all, I really hadn’t known them all that long.

I quickly learned Marlon and Jessica are sheep among the wolves. Their church has ministered to the locals of the mountain for more than 6 years. They have certainly had their share of setbacks, troubles, and challenges, but throughout everything standing in their way, they are totally dependent on their faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit to battle against the powers of darkness every day. They have not been deterred from continuing what God as sent them to do.

That night on the porch Marlon and Jessica walked up to me and began praying for me without even knowing me; other than being a child of God needing prayer. It was an experience I’ll never forget that changed my life forever. Amen

Prayer: Father, whether we are in Kingwood or a distant country; familiar surroundings or foreign, You are always there to listen and provide strength and comfort. Thank You sending Your son. We love You and trust the name and for the sake of Jesus, AMEN

Are you totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and actions?

Do you see yourself as a sheep among the wolves? A believer among non-believers

Are you strengthened to overcome any adversity by the power of the blood of Christ?


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