Storm Aid: The Power of Christ

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During the storm, as we each dealt with our own degrees of electrical power loss and bursting pipes, the needs of the community around us became more apparent. 

When there was sufficient power at the church building, we opened up as a daytime warming shelter. Hot coffee, good conversation, and power to charge phones were in abundance. KUMC also provided hot showers for the girls at Freedom Place. 

While we were serving, God brought a couple of vulnerable populations and their needs to us and invited us into some significant ministry. 

The power of Christ became the source of our strength. Here are a couple of those stories.

KUMC Provides Gallons of Aid to NIA

Prior to the Big Freeze, the Spirit used Rev. Sara Reyes to help us to become aware of the Port Houston community that she serves through the Neighbors in Action (NIA) programWe did a quick blanket, jacket, heater drive and helped 22 families. As temperatures dropped and pipes froze, the community was in great need of water. 

To help with this, five and ten-gallon jugs were collected and purchased, and filled to be taken down to provide water relief. Pastor Sara and Dr. Burt Palmer took the water down and helped to give these neighbors some drinkable water and also a glimpse of the living water which flows through the love of Christ.

Water was taken a second time for the community and through these efforts alongside the assistance of others, residents were able to weather the storm.

KUMC Volunteers Human Water Pipeline to Help Seniors

Word reached our ears that the Kingwood Senior Village was in desperate need. Due to burst pipes, the whole four-story facility was without water. For many of the residents who cannot easily leave their apartments, the conditions had become unbearable.

KUMC joined the efforts of other groups to offer assistance. One group was taking sandwiches door to door and Lowes had offer cases of bottled water to help. The jugs of water that we brought would eventually find their greatest usefulness in helping to flush commodes and refill reserves.

As KUMC volunteers arrived and we developed a plan of action, we were told that in addition to the need for water, the elevators were out of commission. This meant that our water delivery efforts would require the five-gallon jugs to be carried up the stairs. Our team members never hesitated when faced with this challenge. We were offered the opportunity to refill jugs from the swimming pool which was a great help.

The best part of the whole experience was meeting the residents who were so grateful for our help. So many expressed that they saw the love of Christ for them shine through us. We got to pray over them and truly love them! When their water was restored, we danced with them and hugged their necks.

Thank You, God, for leading us to your children and for letting Your living water flow through us. It is a moment we will never forget!


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