What if I Put God First?

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what if pic 3Karen Forbes will be the first to tell you that putting God first is not easy. Enjoy Karen’s story about becoming vulnerable, and letting God lead her life. Karen shares her desire to do God’s will and that you don’t have to be “special” or “extra-smart” to have a personal relationship with God.

By Karen Forbes, KUMC member

What if I put God first? What would that mean for my life? How would my life be different?

Those are questions I wrestled with not too long ago. It was a difficult place to be, wrestling with those questions…after all, I was a Christian and had been raised in the church. I was a regular attendee and my family and I participated in different areas of the church from time to time. In general, I was a good person, doing the right things, most of the time. Basic. Normal. Yet suddenly, it wasn’t enough and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted more. That I was being led to more, and for more.


Getting to the root of where I was brought about many emotions. What I discovered in my “good life” was a serious lack of a true, personal, and deep relationship with God and the need to confess my desire for control and perfection. I clearly wasn’t putting God first. What followed was a lot of prayer, countless conversations, intentional study, focused worship, and a constant reliance on the help and power of the Holy Spirit. It all led me to surrendering my life, again, to God. I allowed myself to be vulnerable to His shifting of my life and His molding of my heart. And I chose to live a new life, putting God first.

What I have found is that putting God first has given me a fearless spirit, that has probably always been in me, but was lost and stumbling on its own. It needed God at the wheel. God in the driver’s seat. Putting God first has taken my life in some surprising-to-me and amazing directions: I’ve experienced the Walk to Emmaus as a participant and as a team member, I’ve become a part of a Small Band Group that allows me to share my life and faith, I participate in an Emmaus Reunion Group that helps keep me spiritually accountable, I’ve written a piece for the church’s Lenten Devotional, I participated in reading through the Bible during Lent, I led 4th and 5th graders in a week long Mission Madness camp, I have become a court-appointed Child Advocate, I’ve served at several area charities, and have been asked to serve on different committees and boards both at church and local charities that have connected me with so many great people. I don’t list these things to list accomplishments. They haven’t opened up to me because I’m special or extra-smart or need to be involved for selfish ambition. These things aren’t just busy work. These opportunities have opened up to me and I have experienced them because my heart is open and focused on God’s guidance and timing and He puts me where He wants me.


Putting God first is hard sometimes. As much as we would like it to be, it’s not natural for us broken sinners. My fearless spirit is not one of complete confidence in myself, but based on a fearless trust in God. A true desire to do His will and join Him in His work here, today, is what excites me and moves me forward. The more I allow Him to lead, the more I am able to be confident in my “yes” for Him and His kingdom.

What if I put God first? What would that mean for my life? How would my life be different?

Life is full and I’m living the “more”! The commitments, service, conversations, and connections I am now a part of enable me to grow and love and share what a God-first life can be like to others. My life is not perfect, but it is different than before, and it is good! And the best, and most honest, thing about it is that I really have no idea where it’s going…because with God first, with Him leading me…anything and everything is possible! And I’m all in!



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