You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field

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Raised to be Sent Out

During our last week in this Lenten devotional we turn to a challenging Resurrection story where we learn that the disciples are sent out and they too are raising people from the dead! Amazingly, that is also our story, that we have been raised to life to now join Christ in bringing light into the darkness. We are being called to participate in RISING UP and bring life into every part of our daily experience. In week 6, you will be challenged by some of our own faithfully answering the call to go out and “raise the dead.” As you read Matthew 10 this week, consider how you are being called to join Christ in His mission.

You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field
By Maggie Kelly – Student

Mission is defined as, “the vocation or calling of a religious organization…to go out into the world and spread its faith.” Though, I believe God has painted a more in depth picture of what He desires missions to be. Last year I was called to go on a mission trip to Granada, Spain where I had the opportunity to share the gospel with middle school and high school students. While on the trip, Christ made me aware of the need for the Truth to be spoken into people’s (specifically youth’s) lives. This realization then instilled a desire in my heart for the world to have a powerful abundance of not just adult leaders, but specifically youth leaders; and not just youth leaders, but youth leaders who will make it their mission to faithfully further God’s kingdom. While people are aware that a tremendous amount of youth in America have a misconception of what living out a genuine Christian life entails, it is often forgotten that youth around the world have that same misconception. Though I grew up having this misconception of how God desires for our life to be lived, I now have experienced and know the Truth: Our God has created every aspect of our life to be His mission field.

How are we, as the body of Christ, supposed to fulfill God’s purpose if we do not perceive our daily life as our mission field? If we continue to limit our missional life to the times we are on a mission trip, Gods divinity within us will be bound with walls and barriers preventing Christ’s perfect will from reaching its greatest capacity. Brothers and sisters, this is what I encourage you to do: expand your mission field to every aspect of your life, and whole heartedly enter it daily by living a sold-out life for Christ. It is my prayer that God continues to reveal ways that you can make your world your mission field. Thus, I desire and pray for the body of Christ to accept God’s calling.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” -Mark 16:15

We have been raised to be sent out, in what ways do you see God inviting you into His mission?

How can the community at KUMC continue to respond to what Christ has done for all of us?


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